Shipworkz’s technical management solutions start with vessel design, choice of new-build yard, construction, commissioning and delivery. We then provide total vessel oversight including technical, operations, crewing, procurement, quality, safety, repairs & maintenance, dry docking, refit, modification, mobilization, and re-activation. Finally, we offer lay-up, de-activation, and recycling services, ensuring that your assets and your interests are always safeguarded.

Shipworkz offers technical management solutions to all categories of vessels, offshore and ocean going. Shipworkz promises to deliver the highest possible Lifetime Vessel Value for each of your assets, enhancing your reputation and bottom line. We will maintain your assets in optimum condition and at peak performance through a combination of process and people. Our best-in-class Vessel Management System will be customized to your requirements and backed by a dedicated team of experienced and skilled technical personnel. Our technical, crewing and procurement departments work in sync to meet budget targets while delivering better than industry standards of safety, compliance, and environmental care.

Crewing Management

Our fleet staff are the cornerstone of safe, effective, and efficient operations. Shipworkz has an international pool of experienced officers and ratings, committed to our company, vessels, and clients’ needs. We invest and continuously monitor crew welfare and retention. Our screening and recruitment process is unmatched.

Shipworkz’s crew management services include:

  • One of the largest fleet officer pools in the industry with all fleet staff conforming to STCW and MLC requirements
  • Careful and diligent recruitment, selection, planning and deployment
  • Cost-effective changes, formalities, and travel
  • Regular performance monitoring and evaluations
  • Regular and intense vessel-specific safety training
  • Union and CBA cover and negotiations

Project Management

Shipworkz has exceptional expertise in dry docking, vessel reactivation, vessel modification, vessel refits and upgrades, new region/client mobilizations, and engine/equipment overhaul. These projects are high cost and high impact. They are critical to the continues optimal condition and performance of your assets. They are also likely to be your largest aggregate cost item.

Shipworkz ensures rigorous planning, preparation and coordination among all the vessel’s stakeholders, thus maximizing quality, minimizing downtime and achieving the tightest cost control. Our extensive experience and close relationships with shipyards globally deliver lower costs and efficient outcomes. At Shipworkz, we insist on the highest standards in project management, which ensures on-time, at-cost, high quality outcomes every single time.

Offshore operations and service delivery

Offshore assets and operations vary by category, region, client, field and scope of work. Operations vary from supply to passenger transfer, to towage, to standby, to safety support, to ROV and diving support and construction support.

Shipworkz’s experience and expertise ensure that your assets are managed end-to-end, from mobilization onwards. We know offshore regions and clients across the world, and understand their needs and expectations. We ensure that your assets have the right people, processes and protocols to align with these expectations and deliver more than satisfactory outcomes.

Our team has vast knowledge of and experience in managing a wide range of assets including:

  • Anchor Handling Tug Vessels,
  • Platform Supply Vessels
  • Offshore Support Vessels
  • Accommodation Work Barges and Vessels
  • Diving Support Vessels
  • Subsea Construction Vessels
  • Cable & Pipe-lay, Offshore Construction Vessels
  • Semi-Submersibles
  • Heavy lift crane vessels
  • Self-Propelled Jack-up Lift boats

Vessel protection and conservation

Shipworkz looks after your assets in good times and bad. Markets are cyclical in nature. There are times when owners may find it necessary to conserve their cash and assets in preparation for a more robust market. Shipworkz assists clients and owners, delivering safe, secure and cost-effective protection and conservation solutions.

We listen, evaluate, plan and propose the most optimal approach. Once this is agreed, we ensure that the right procedures are followed to ensure that the asset is preserved and her integrity is maintained, in such a manner that she can be activated quickly and effectively when the need arises. Shipworkz develops and implements both a detailed maintenance plan and a comprehensive assessment of requirements for the lay-up as well as the reactivation. During the period of conservation, Shipworkz carries out periodic checks to ensure that the asset maintains both condition and value. We ensure that our clients’ assets are protected and safe throughout their preservation period.

Inspections, audits, and advisory services

Shipworkz takes pleasure in sharing our knowledge and expertise with the wider community. We offer Marine Consultancy and Advisory services to owners, operators, brokers, insurance companies, banks, financial institutions and other stakeholders in the maritime and offshore domain.

Our services cover a wide range of areas, including:

  • Vessel conversion
  • Project management planning
  • Vessel inspections and audits
  • Market and domain analysis
  • Maritime services
  • Systems planning and integration
  • Budgeting and costing

Our senior team consists of some of the most experienced and skilled maritime and offshore professionals in the world. Through them, we will ensure that you navigate the domain safely and effectively.

Maintenance and repair services

Shipworkz has both our in-house marine workshop as well as partnerships with an exceptional array of service providers. We offer a wide range of maintenance and repair services including engine overhauls, electronic and control system diagnosis and repair, propulsion drive maintenance, vessel performance management, etc.